Future Development – 2018

Our Philosophy

Dominion Advisors takes a studied and long-term approach to real estate investment and development. Consistently in tune with the ever changing market, it has established a position of flexibility towards emerging trends. The firm’s focus enables it to act with speed and superior market timing in order to achieve optimum results.

Dominion Advisors mostly pursues real estate opportunities for their own portfolio or in partnerships.

Dominion Advisors has a track record of building successful projects and relationships lasting over four decades.

Dominion Advisors brings competence and integrity to all phases of the ownership experience.









Asset Management

Property Management

Land Development



Secured by Real Estate

Up to $10M/ Minimum Interest 12% p.a.

Terms are defined by underwriting

of our

  • Respect

    We value our partners’ objectives.

  • Responsibility

    We manage investments ethically and efficiently.

  • Reliability

    We pursue excellence in all phases of our involvement.

Our Management Team

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Steffen E. Waltz

Founder and CEO

Steffen Waltz founded Dominion Advisors as an extension of his family’s generations-long interest in real estate and architecture. He is educated in banking and real estate. Over the last 40 years, he has reached measurable success as a real estate principal and manager. His European heritage is the basis of his long-term investment approach, rooted in quality, efficiency and sustainability.

Patrick L. Calvano


Patrick Calvano has been with the firm since 1990. He has over 50 years of experience covering all facets of multifamily and commercial property management. He oversees the group’s portfolio of properties.

Elisabeth Juen Waltz


Elisabeth Juen Waltz is the owner of Montfort Consulting Group established in 1991. This boutique advisory firm specializes in commercial real estate transactions and consulting services on behalf of high net worth individuals.

Will Shepherd


William G. Shepherd’s distinguished military career (USAF) and Master of Architecture degree are the foundation of his ability to execute assignments successfully and on time. Experience based on a proven track record and his focus on excellence and quality are an integral part of his project solutions and implementations.

Patti Maddox


Patti Maddox is a seasoned accounting professional with 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry and multi-entity organizations. Her passion is to serve and inform clients and partners through efficient cash management and accurate, timely reporting.